August 18, 2014

Ukulele tabs for 'Hook' by Blues Traveler

Chord progression for entire song

The entire song, both verse and chorus, use this progression.

| A . . . | E . . . | F#m . . . | C# . . . |
| D . . . | A . . . | D   . . . | E  . . . |

How to play the chords on ukulele

The ukulele chords you’ll need (in the order you’ll need them) are as follows. All the notes I have in parentheses you can technically mute (i.e., lay a finger over the string so it doesn’t ring) and it’ll sound just fine – this’ll make things far easier, especially if you’re newer to ukulele.

      A    E   F#m   C#   D    A    D    E 

Chords in context with lyrics

Here’s the first stanza of the song shown in proper time with the chords. If you’re just learning this, an important tip: you’ll want to barre the 4th fret with your index finger for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chords in this 8-chord sequence (your middle- and -ring fingers will be used for the other notes in the chords). Also note the little riff you can do on the F#m and C# chords.

      A             E                 F#m            C# 
     "...It doesn't matter what I say..."

       D             A             D       E 
      " long as I sing with inflec----tion..."