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#1: They Made a Tonic

from Lore on April 17, 2015

Episode summary from Pots:

This is the debut episode of Lore, a new podcast about the cross-cultural history behind the scary stories we all grew up with. This episode looks at vampires, and looks at the various cultural influences and historical events that influenced the vampire mythos. Topics include: a brief survey of vampire-like back-from-the-dead entities across various cultures; Victorian anxiety about death and the fear of being buried alive; tuberculosis outbreaks in the 1800s and the panic of the dead feasting on the living; and the events and influences that lead to Bram Stoker's famous depiction of Dracula in his 1897 novel. A very promising podcast so far (3 episodes have been released as of me writing this) -- I recommend it for sure.

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