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#76: Adam Carolla – Comedian, Podcaster, Filmmaker

from The Wolf Den on April 2, 2015

Episode summary from Pots:

Comedian, television host, author, filmmaker and podcaster Adam Carolla joins Adam Sachs on The Wolf Den to discuss the business side of his many endeavors. Carolla recalls that the idea to podcast was born from the fact that his morning show on terrestrial radio was number two online. So, when that gig ended in 2009 he knew where there was a ready audience. He explains how that fit his overall business strategy, which is 'somewhere between proactive and reactive,” seizing opportunities and then going with what makes sense along the way. Then Carolla describes the origin of his new motivational “Take a Knee” podcast as part of the subscription-based Adam Carolla Show Archive. Finally, he offers up advice for budding podcasters.

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