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#147: Dr. Drew

from The Duncan Trussell Family Hour on March 13, 2015

Episode summary from Pots:

Great discussion between these two friends (who are both among my all-time favorite radio/podcast personalities), where each is enthusiastically picking the other's brain with regard to their areas of expertise. That being, Duncan's experience in the psychedelic space and Drew's experience in medicine, treatment, and addiction. Topics include a general discussion of psychedelics (including the benefits and risks); the morality of chemical substances (or lack thereof); ideology in the societal discussion around drugs, treatment, the war on drugs, and legalization; Drew's recent drug debate with Nancy Grace; mythology, symbols, and how psychedelic experiences can relate to innate human visions; and human sacrifice (including celebrity rehab, NFL & concussions). Plus a bit of Buddhism and mindfulness talk, as per usual Duncan.

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